Integrate quantum code, with ease.

PlanQK is your go-to hub for Quantum Computing and Machine Learning Applications.
Our serverless platform enables you to run entire quantum workflows. Develop, deploy, run, and monetize your quantum code to drive the next generation of innovations.

Connection to quantum backends


Turn ideas into code at rapid speed with our CLI and development templates. Access a variety of quantum backends and simulators without managing multiple accounts and API keys from different providers.


Eliminate the need to build and manage complex infrastructure. Access your quantum code through APIs – you bring the code, we do the REST.

Service Creation
Execute services as jobs


Execute your deployed services as asynchronous jobs and store the results. Built-in reruns, logging, and more.


Share your quantum solutions with the community via our Marketplace. Add commercial pricing plans – we handle usage monitoring and billing.

PlanQK Marketplace
Michael Falkenthal, Co-Founder & CTO Anaqor AG

Michael Falkenthal

Co-Founder & CTO

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