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Getting benefit from quantum computing's potential is complicated and expensive. We challenge that: Our mission is to enable innovators who build and use tomorrow's quantum solutions. By removing barriers to access quantum computing we create immediate value for all players involved in the quantum value chain.

Together we push the boundaries of what's possible today to unleash quantum computing's potential of tomorrow.


Meet PlanQK

A platform created for easy and simple access to community-built quantum solutions. Trusted by more than 100 partners and supported by the German government. Let’s push the boundaries of quantum computing and make a real difference together.

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The first open quantum platform and eco system

We strongly believe in the power of an open quantum ecosystem, where researchers, developers, quantum providers and industrial users closely cooperate and collaborate to harness the tremendous potential of quantum together.

Therefore, PlanQK will always include an open and free community platform, which we advance together with partners and research projects to enable all quantum innovators.



PlanQK came into conception.




euros in research funds by the PlanQK community, making it one of the single largest quantum application research projects.



knowledge pieces on quantum algorithms are collected.



organisations from all sectors support PlanQK.

Supported by a powerful consortium of quantum pioneers

Actions speak louder than words

Collaborations fuel innovation. That’s why we partner with universities, research institutions, quantum companies and industry to explore ways how we can make quantum applications profitable, easily accessible and a frictionless experience for all.

Our steps towards the future of #FrictionlessQuantumComputing

Quantum Fleet
Planning Service

We developed a quantum route optimizer helping delivery companies reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Combining the power of quantum optimization with classical graph clustering we unlock new levels of delivery optimization. PlanQK transforms our code to a monetizable service that can be easily integrated into your existing software.

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Quantum Molecule

By implementing a quantum version of a constrained Boltzmann machine, we created a solution to boost productivity in chemical manufacturing. PlanQK transforms our code to a valuable service, easily utilized and integrated by chemical companies with the goal to improve their manufacturing processes.

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Anaqor partner Quantagonia hosts its innovative HybridSolver, a mathematical optimization solver, on PlanQK. The HybridSolver uses a cutting-edge classical and quantum approach to tackle complex optimization computers, delivering a great performance on today’s computers and an on-ramp to incredible performance with quantum computers.

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combinatorial optimization

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